IQ: Today was a day filled with parkour adventure, it was like being apart of a television  show with Steve Irwin, but, of course, excluding the Australian accent and the extreme animal kingdom. The beauty of Nicaragua within the great canyon which is also close by Honduras was a true beauty. It was unreal like it was something out of Lord of the Rings. There were tall cliffs that decorated the very mountains separating Honduras and the canyon of Somoto, and water that cascaded against the many bodies of rocks. With open-minded thoughts, we were surprised and stunned when we saw one of our tour guides climb on top of the skyscraper-like cliffs only to jump off into the clear waters of Somoto, only to later resurface. The faces of the Global Glimpsers along with the Global Glimpse leaders were mixed with both fear and excitement. But to my very surprise, a large majority of us were able to overcome our fears of heights and conquer the insuperable fall.

CT: Everyone has their fears and sometimes they are difficult to overcome. It simply takes courage. Today, my fellow peers shown me that they can indeed take a huge step of overcoming their fears. In my group, there were students who were frighten because of their inability to swim. Today happens to be our fun day. We went to a Canon tour where we hiked for 25 minutes on dry land then started to hiked into the river. There was slippery rocks and bugs everywhere which gave fellow Global Glimpsers other reasons to freak out. Because many didn’t know how to swim, they became fearful of the water itself, which led some into staying into the shallow end of the river or to simply conquering their fears. However with help and encouragement. they were able to face their fear and have fun while doing so. Even I was really frightened, I was one of the last student to jump. I remember looking down and feeling a cold chill going through my body. My legs started to shake but there were two other student waiting for me to jump as well. As the leader of the day, wanted to show others that it’s not impossible to jump and that if I can do it, they can do it as well. So I tried to ignore my thoughts and I just jumped. Afterward, I felt fine and saw that the last two students, also took a while to jump but they eventually did it. Throughout the whole day, I saw the new confidence the students because they were able to face their fears. All they needed was support and courage.

CT: Being the El Lider Del Dia actually was a fun experience. It took a lot of effort to take care of yourself and to take care of others which meant waking up earlier, making sure everyone is on time, and being prepared. My other El Lider Del Dia and I made sure everyone was safe and felt secure when walking/swimming in the river. It took a lot of effort and energy but it was worth it because in the end, everyone had fun and they appreciated us for our leadership skills today. It made me really proud of myself and felt more confident in being a leader.

IQ: As an individual, I have been raised to be modest and sometimes I neglect to understand how my attitude can create unwanted altercations. But along with being modest, I also lacked confidence within myself. My attitude also caused me to easily dismiss the support I have received from my peers. However, I have also learned that it is completely okay to receive compliments and it won’t always make you come off as “narcissistic” nor “snobby”.