Hi guys! Today was Monday Funday!!  We were joined by some guests: future GG leaders who made the day even more exciting! We woke up bright & early at 5:30, ate a quick breakfast (cereal & toast!), and drove for 1.5 hours to Somoto Canyon.  Once we arrived, we hiked up a steep hill and eventually reached a river.  Then, we hiked in the water in our swimsuits and shoes (with life-vests, of course) for several hours until hiking back to the bus.  We even got the chance to jump into the water several times!  While the hike was overall very fun, it left many small bruises and scratches.  Once in the bus, we ate rice, chicken, and mashed potatoes on our way back to Esteli.  Then, we had free time where many people either took a shower, a nap, or both.  Later, we had dinner and our nightly meeting.  After hiking all day, everyone was exhausted.  I am most proud that everyone in the group was supportive of each other during the hike.  For example, we helped those who could not swim or slipped on the rocks.  We also encouraged some to jump off the 60 feet ledge! (don’t worry, it was perfectly safe!)  Being El Lider Del Dia was definitely a fun experience.  For once, I was in charge of waking people up and determining when it was time to go eat.  I hope the rest of the trip is as fun as today was!

P.S. Hi mom!! Love you and miss you!! 🙂

A note about pictures from Erin: As you’ve noticed, we have been having a hard time uploading photos to the blog.  I’ve created google folder with a bunch of the photos so you can view them now at the link below.  I will continue uploading photos to this folder each day, since the blog is making it so difficult.  Thanks for your patience!