It’s the day that everyone has been waiting for, water day! Though the day may have started off early, all of us pulled through to make one of our last days here in Nicaragua a great one. We started the day off with a two hour bus ride to Volcan de Masaya. Once there, we enjoyed a wonderful view of an active volcano, known as the Devil’s Mouth. We gorged ourselves on delicious, hand picked fruit at the top of “the mouth”. After we made our way to the Nica version of KFC, Tip Top. Following our one fast food meal of the trip, we traveled to the small tourist town of Catarina. After looking out into the water of yet another mirador (lookout), we found ourselves very anxious to get in the water. A short 15 minute bus ride later, we were ready for some fun. We continued our day at a resort called Monkey Hut, placed conveniently on the Laguna de Apoyo. We were automatically consumed by the water, one by one, another glimpser would run for the water. Included in our fun day was free kayaking and paddle boarding. But having fun in the heat and sun does have a consequence, a bad sunburn…sorry mom. Sadly, water day had to end, but the fun didn’t. After a short catnap in the ride back to the hostel, the bus party started to pick up. There was music, dancing, and of course laughing. We ended our night as we always do, together. After another amazing dinner provided by the hostel, we had one of our final nightly meetings. So, how could we have made this day more fun? We couldn’t, it’s that simple, we were together as one, just as we started.


Shout out: Thank you to everyone that supported me going on this trip, especially Mom. I love you, and I’ll be home soon.