Today was adventure fun day. Y’all already know the homies Idris and Gabi had to be the leaders today. Adventure fun day was all about bonding with fellow glimpsers, ambassadors, and other members of the GG family. We hopped on the bus and went to a national park called Saltos de Jima. When we got there we played a couple of different games to wake us up and then went on a hike. The hike was about 30 minutes and concluded at a beautiful waterfall and natural pool. It was one of the most jaw-dropping places we have ever encountered. The place was amazing with a giant crashing waterfall, clear pool completely surrounded in the beautiful Dominican jungle. It was practically a scene out of Tarzan.

Today truly displayed the value of dropping a group of teenagers in a different country to do service work. We’re really proud of the group for truly becoming a family.  The vibes were truly on point today. The rest of the day was spent at the accommodation chilling and bonding. The day was great and also educational. We learned about the positive and negative impacts of tourism in the Dominican Republic. Tourism is great because it generates a lot of revenue, jobs, and can even extend cultural awareness but tourists can be disrespectful to cultures and historical sites. Overcrowding can also be a challenge in the age of social media. It’s not easy being the best leaders of the century, but we managed. Being a leader was great because we really got to set the mood for the whole day.

Love, the funnest leaders in all of Bonao


p.s shout out to the homies