Today’s theme was fun! Once we got our energy from our delicious Nicaragüense food at around 8:00 am, we started off with a fun energizer to get our group ready and going. We took a short bus ride and boat ride to Juan Venado Island. The bus ride was fun in itself, that’s when our group really started hitting it off and singing a song. The energy in the bus was incredible. It was almost as if it was straight out of a movie, there were tons of smiles and voices and faces that just seemed to capture the true essence of the beauty of life. The thought of the group getting along so well and interacting with each other so easily in the short time that we have been here so far emphasizes how much fun we are having together. The boat ride was just as amazing as the bus ride. We really got to experience the variety of wildlife Nicaragua has to offer, from birds to reptiles and plants.

Through the wildlife we got to bond with each other, we helped each other spot the wildlife and we shared the joy of discovery. Not only did we share the “oohs” and “ahhs” but some singing and free styling during the boat ride, which brought up more laughs and smiles.

Once we reached our destination at a private beach we all changed into our bathing suits and had some fun in the sun. During this time at the beach we got to relax and felt the warm ocean water and waves touch our skin. Like I mentioned before, we all really get along, and the beach activity captured this perfectly. In one of the pictures in this blog you can see us interlocking arms as a wave crashed into us-what is captured is a reflection of the friendships we are developing and strengthening. The whole day was full of fun and spurred the growth of our team that will ultimately help us work together and continue to uphold the Global Glimpse three C’s (courage, commitment, and compassion).

Through having fun I, and I’m sure everyone else, got to understand why having fun should always be a part of becoming successful in whatever we want to put our minds in. Especially as a group, we got to understand that taking a day off can help us bond and work better in any situations. This experiences offers a very important lesson that is not always emphasized in today’s world. In anything we do we should always have fun while doing it. It keeps us motivated and energized to move forward to our next challenge , but also build upon what we call life.

Alana and Tomi soaking up the sun

Nolan having a good time


“It’s like we’ve known each other for a long time”