Day Three was a busy day for us M2A Glimpsers. We woke up SUPER early at the hour of 7 am and immediately gathered to have a breakfast for our new favorite dish: gallo pinto. We then loaded the bus–after filling our water bottles–and drove outside of the city on our first field trip. We worked with the ladies of Plomo, or as they call themselves Las Mujeres Del Plomo. These empowered women make jewelry out of the seeds from their community and sell them to support their families. After hearing their presentation, we made our own jewelry and bought plenty of presents for our friends and family back in the States.

After our visit with Los Mujeres, we boarded the bus once again and headed up–literally up–to lunch (rice, chicken, and fries) at a mountainside restaurant. Post meal, we were treated to a tour of native species including orchids, frogs and butterflies in nearby greenhouses.

We were HOPPY to see a green frog!!!

From the greenhouses, we hopped along to our field trip’s last stop: a hike up the side of the mountain. Due to a small hitch in the plan, we ended up leaving the bus and walking a little longer than originally intended, but by the end of the hike that we all agreed the extra distance did us good. Of course, the view from the top of the mountain was breathtaking.

Needless to say the whole day was exhausting. But we still found time to bond over group meetings and intense games of Uno (no picture provided).

Coming soon : M2A’s Mixtape entited “Ferns” with cover art shown here!!


Our feet were PLANTED with joy when we reached the top!


The sun is DESCENDING and so were we!!

As the first two LITERS of the day, we would like to think we set the bar with optimism and enthusiasm, especially when things didn’t go completely as planned. It was a long day but it sure was enjoyable. We were happy to serve as M2A’s first Leaders of the Day and on behalf of the whole trip, we love and miss all our friends and families.

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WAAAAY Up I Feel Blessed.

<3 Sophie Ashbrook and Sophia Campbell