Bonding with each other gave us a glimpse of one another and today was a day we took the time to communicate deeply. We got to see what bonding really meant to us. Arriving at our destination was a secret resort with a pool for all of us to enjoy. Just kidding, it was just a hotel with a nice pool and a small waterfall. Coming from our American perspective of large things and places. Starting off the pool day right with makeshift stretches that turned out pretty darn great for everyone. Many games were decided on by the group, like “Marco Paulo” and “Shark and Minnows”, this got everyone’s hyped for what was coming later during in the day. The group enjoyed a traditional lunch at the Hotel Sunset, everyone was impressed, especially the tropical juice that rejuvenated our minds and forget about the intense sunshine. We played a game of pool volleyball with a twist of an oversized ball, it seemed that everyone flopped like fish playing the game that turned out to go on for hours, it was fun that a Global Glimpse camera crew came and took shots of our memorable time together. On the same day we had the last English tutoring class with our beloved students, which we even bought gifts for, showing our love to them. As leaders of the day we started the day off a little bit iffy but our communicating skills drastically improved as we both added little touches throughout the day, and later we were congratulated at the Nightly meeting. At the end, we learned that communication and teamwork were a big part of our roles throughout the day.