As the first student líder del día (leader of the day), I was a little nervous about how well I would do.  I got everyone up for breakfast on time, and we had our Aid and Development seminar right after that.  Then, we took a trip to Club Infantil, a children’s club which seeks to help abused, addicted, and struggling kids in Nicaragua. Our group was given a tour of the building (left picture), which included a dance/theater studio and a hairdressing salon.  The children and teens who visit the club are given help with their schoolwork, taught trade skills, and given counseling if they need it.

The women and men who run Club Infantil then led us to a local elementary school, where we will be doing our Community Action Project (CAP).  For those who don’t know, the CAP is meant to be a sustainable project based on the needs of the community.  In this case, the plan is to either build a shade structure so that the after school classes aren’t disrupted by bad weather, or to build a garden for the students to cultivate.  We also got to meet several of the students, who agreed to play a game of soccer with us.  The teams formed up – Glimpsers vs Locals. We each played our hardest, running across the courtyard, and passing the ball from team mate to team mate.  In the end, we lost to the students 2-1.  But we all agreed that it was our favorite part of the day.