It’s two days before we meet at SF International Airport’s International Terminal.  We’re almost there! Exciting, isn’t it? You bet! However, like any travel, there will be some waiting time.  For us, it will be at least 2 hours, excluding an hour to get through checking in and going through security. We will make that tedious waiting time fun and productive. We are going to start to get to know each other by playing at least 2 games that will build our community the Jinotega-June10 Warrior (in honor of the Golden State’s bid to get the NBA championship) Glimpsers!

“Warrior” Glimpsers, you are tasked to have at least 2 games/community-building activities to be share.  These will be of great use to you and to all of us, during our stay in Jinotega. We can utilize these fun activities during breaks from our activities, like the English-language classes, visits to interesting places and most of all, during free-time. The possibilities are endless! Now, be ready to share these games.