Hi everyone!

My name is Cara Liuzzi and I teach 12th grade English and Creative Writing at Lionel Wilson College Prep in East Oakland. I have taught high school English for 6 years now (4 years in Oakland and 2 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin), and I love it! This is my first year leading a Global Glimpse trip and I am beyond excited!

A little about me: I am originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I have a twin sister (she is in the right with the baseball cap in my picture). I love to play sports (soccer, basketball, softball, ultimate frisbee), go backpacking, and read. I have never been to Ecuador, but I have traveled to other countries in South America, which has been transformative in many ways. I can’t wait to share this experience in Guaranda with you all!

You can text, call, or email me with questions about our trip:

(215) 983-9695

[email protected]

Can’t wait to see you all at 6:21am at the Domestic Terminal 3 at SFO!

Hasta pronto,


P.S. Here is a photo of me on the top of Cloud’s Rest in Yosemite National Park and at graduation last year!