“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

Hello Glimpsers, GGLs and families of our first NY delegation!!

My name is Sara Lee and I am the Site Manager here in San Cristobal. I’ve been working very hard this past months together with your amazing Program Coordinator, Elias Báez, to make your experience here in the DR an unforgettable one.

I hope you have been reading the posts of all the glimpsers that already had the chance to experience this unique site. I won’t tell you much about what is going to happen every single day, but I can let you know that each morning when you wake up, you are going to have a big adventure in front of you!

I do want to make sure you know a couple of things before heading here next Wednesday:

1. Please please please, do not forget your flashlight!! We are going to be staying at the amazing Rancho Campeche were things are a bit more wild then usual. You are going to need your flashlight.

2. Do review your packing list! You are coming to a new country and we need to be an example and be as respectful as possible with local traditions. Bring a swimming suit… We have a pool at the Rancho and we will give you time to enjoy it… promise.

3. If you wish, it is not necessary, you can bring books, toys, school materials, games… as donations for the different communities full of kids that you are going to visit while you are in the country. (Face-paint has been a complete hit this summer!)

4. Bring snacks! We don’t want you to keep them in your room but we will show you our food-box, where all your snacks will be safe.

5. Bring a bag for laundry day. 

6. Remember to bring any medicines your are taking and let your GGLs know as soon as possible if anything has happen lately that we might not be aware of.


Hope you guys are as excited as Elias and I are to have you here!


Please ask your GGLs any last minute questions you might have and check out old posts to have a better idea of what is waiting here for you!


Big love from San Cristobal,