Today we were the FIRST student leaders of the day.  Our first job was the wake up calls which started at 6:15am even though the actual wake up time wasn’t until 7:15 :p.  We started out the morning with doing a mental warmup and a group energizer.

The question of the day was, “How do foreign businesses affect local businesses in Las Tablas?”  To answer this question we went to Elelin’s Taller’s (workshop) where he makes cutarras (traditional Panamanian leather sandals).  He taught us how it feels to run and improve an artisan business in Las Tablas.  Also, he taught us the economic importance that one business can bring to Las Tablas and the opportunities it gives the other locals.  Elelin gave us a demonstration on how to make cutarras with the skills that he has developed within the 20 years of running his business.  After his demonstration, he allowed the group to make their own sandals.

In the afternoon, we started to prepare for English tutoring for the local boarding school called Ifarhu.  We developed lesson plans and activities to help the students develop their English speaking skills in a fun way.  Each Global Glimpser had two or more students to teach and will be with them for the next six days.  The first day went well and we are excited to keep improving our relationships with them and building up their skills with each lesson to come.

We ended the evening with a nightly meeting where we went over the question of the day and talked about our experiences.  We are glad to have Robert and Natania to be Liders Del Dia tomorrow.