Hey Everyone! 

My name is Jane but I actually go by my middle name Marie! I’m 26 and from Novato (Marin) but have been all over the place the last 8 years after graduating high school. I went to the beautiful University of Hawai’i to study Spanish & Sociology, then headed off the Dominican Republic with the Peace Corps for 2.5 years as an Education Volunteer, and after that I earned my Masters Degree in Monterey at a small international graduate school where I studied International Education Management. I am passionate about traveling, speaking Spanish, meeting new cultures, dancing, sports, music and FOOOOD!

I became a Global Glimpse Leader because I really wanted to be a part of the high school students who want an amazing experience abroad. As a junior in high school myself, I had the opportunity to participate in a volunteer organization that sent me to Paraguay where I was living with a host family and working in a local elementary school; that experience made me want to continue traveling abroad and helping others 🙂

I am looking forward to being immersed into a new country (Ecuador!!!) and getting to know all you guys! I really hope to have an amazing experience alongside you all where we can explore, adventure, and learn together. This trip is going to be a great way to wrap up all our summers so lets make the best out of it and go in there with open minds!

See you all at SFO on Aug 1st at……. 6:22am!!!


Marie Macdonald