Waking up at 6 am, the group embarked on a momentous day.  Although things started off a little quiet, today would mark the beginning of our CAP (Community Action Project).  After a delicious breakfast that consisted  of fresh fruits, warm omelettes and homemade bread, our GG Leader Cristina led the group into our first seminar.  The surprisingly controversial subject regarding aid and development unraveled itself, as facts previously unknown were made apparent. Even though it may seem obvious for world powers to directly contribute to another country’s humanitarian needs, many factors such as economic after-effects take place. Our eyes were truly opened when we realized that helping another nation can at times do less good than we expect.

No, of course we didn’t forget our first dose of sunscreen and bug spray, as we left for the lively bus at Doña Julia, en route to Los Pipitos- the organization which we would have the honor of working with for our CAP. This organization, consisting of three women: its director, psychologist, and physical therapist, who all work seamlessly together to nurture and aid young children of  zero to ten years that have physical and learning disabilities. We were able to ask in depth questions regarding the needs and future for the center.  Many notes, photos and examinations later, the group had completed the fist stage of the CAP- discovery. We were also able to spend some time with the lovely children,  making arts and crafts from colorful straw necklaces to popsicle-stick snowflakes. Most of all, we had a blast presenting the  piñata to the kids- nothing compares to their bright smiles and lit eyes as they tried to break the candy out of its container!

Lunch had satisfied many hungry stomachs with delicious pasta, followed by some free time. Many of us took advantage of this opportunity to do laundry, visit the cyber cafe, or take a nap. Spontaneous showers of rain throughout the afternoon and evening left the hostel with cool temperatures and relaxing vibes. It felt really nice to slow things down for a bit, and take it easy.  We came back together as a group feeling refreshed and ready to work.  I was asked to step up and lead the beginning of the next seminar, assessing the strengths and skills of my fellow Glimpsers. This time was then taken to begin the second stage of our CAP- design.  I cannot explain the contagious energy in the room, as we fired ideas back and forth- analyzing possible projects and its impact.  The series of decisions made would now determine the project we would contribute to this amazing organization.

Spirited discussions were followed by one final meal at La Vita e Bella. We devoured the best pizza in Matagalpa, and even got to enjoy a small performance from local musician. Finally, we came back home to the hostel and regathered for the nightly meeting.

Looking forward to executing our big plans for the CAP- we just CAN’T wait!

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