Hello dear families, greetings from Bonao!

Tuesday was a very intense and tiring day, after a delayed flight that took some hours of sleep away from us. Nevertheless, the group managed to kept the energy up during the day! After a very typical lunch (we tried La Bandera, the national dish), we had two seminars that were useful for students to understand the culture in the DR and how to have fun but keeping safe at the same time. They met Israel, the funder of the orphanage and our host, who told us his story (they are from Puerto Rico, lived in the US and came to the DR 14 years ago to help children). Afterwards, we had a History seminar led by our awesome GGLs, and we were off to a city tour! Unfortunately, it was raining so the students didn’t have the chance to experience what it feels like to walk in the city. Still, they asked many questions and had the opportunity to go out of the bus at the park and the local museum.

I was happy to see that, even though they did not sleep much, the students were still enjoying the experience and getting involved in the activities. I have no doubts that this group of strangers will soon become an amazing team of responsible and committed youth!

Sending Big Love to all of you all the way from Bonao!