Hello Parents, families and friends. My name is Denis Vallejos  I am one of the in country program coordinators and today I was role playing how to be EL Lider del dia (Which in English it is The leader of the day).

Today we woke up in Managua the capital of the country since we had to spent the night there, we had breakfast at 8:30 that was gallo pinto (a typical Nicaraguan dish that consist in rice and beans), eggs and toasts right after that we headed to our host city; Matagalpa is surrounded by green mountains, with a nice weather and friendly people. So we got to Matagalpa at noon to taste our first NICA lunch at Hotel El Castillo which it was a delicious grilled chicken with mushroom sauce, rice, salad and tortilla with a refreshing dragon fruit juice.

In the afternoon we had two seminar, the first one, the Welcome hostal orientation where the glimpsers learnt the rules of the hostal and other cultural aspects for example taking cold showers every day and saving electricity. Our second seminar was based on how to navigate in the Nicaraguan culture all the glimpsers and leadership team were engaged in the activity due we had to act it out an aspect of the Nicaraguan culture. At the end of the seminar everyone got a better understanding of the Nicaraguan culture and how to navigate in this.

We finished the day having Nicaraguan chilaquiles for dinner and a refreshing drink. Part of the Global Glimpse cultural it is to finish each day strong with a nightly meeting, a safe space to share about our experiences and the things we learnt during the day. Tomorrow, Avi our health coach is going to continue exemplifying how to be El lider del dia.

I want to encourage parents and family to write a comment for your son or daughter so they can feel the support from home. This is a great way to let them know how appreciated they are and also good way to encourage to keep learning and take the most of the experience. From now on we have become M2C team, one team and one family.


During lunch time.


At the airport.


During one of our seminars

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more updates about our adventures here in the beautiful Matagalpa.