Today we got down and dirty and started our Community Action Project with all the wonderful people at ADIC. We split up into our separate working teams, construction, murals, and garden, and turned our ideas into actions. It didn’t go so well at first for me and my construction team. It turns out making tables out of oddly shaped wood isn’t really a simple task. Stay tuned to see if we figure it out! The other two teams were far more successful, clearing out several plots for gardens and making amazing progress on the storybook murals. We worked hard for six hours and walked away proud of our progress. We’re so excited to finish out the next two days and we really hope our contributions to this wonderful organization have a long lasting affect on the community and its deserving people.

Right now we’re all enjoying our much needed relaxation time after these long, hard days. We’re styling the boys’ hair, writing up tomorrow’s schedule, and playing cards, a frequent occurance in our delegation. We’ve become such a big family here and there’s always lots of laughter long into the night. However, we couldn’t be more excited to come home in three days and see our actual families! I know I speak for everyone here when I say that we all miss our families so much.

I hope you guys enjoy our pictures and our stories!

Love your Lider Del Dia,

Emma Rip.

P.S. I love you momma.

work space. Miguel getting to work! artists! murals. hugging tree. adriana and thalia. trying to build a table.