Bonjour SJ2C Glimpsers and Families! 

My name is Amal Amaskane, I am one of your GG leaders for our upcoming adventure to the Dominican Republic, in San Juan de la Maguana! 

I am a French-Moroccan entrepreneur and educator who is proud to call Chicago home. I teach entrepreneurship and business in Chicago middle and high schools. I also work in SaaS technology – software as a service- and business. My techie business side is complemented by an artistic side, which gathers literature, photography, cinema and dance. I strongly believe in the transcendent power of art to make us travel across time and space, into real and imaginary worlds.

I am a GG leader because I want to support you in your journey of world exploration and self-discovery. I remember how traveling shaped my character from such an early age, spending childhood summers in Morocco which deeply contrasted with the school years in France. These experiences definitely set the tone for the other 15 countries I have been blessed to travel to and even live in! As the 14th century Moroccan world traveler Ibn Battuta said “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”. 

I hope that our experience in the Dominican Republic will leave us speechless, and then will turn us into storytellers.In other words, I am looking forward to meeting Dominican communities and speaking my broken Spanish with them! I am also looking forward to being immersed into the arts and culture of the island. Most of all, I am looking forward to meeting all of you and getting to know you to better empower you during this part of the journey that we will share together. 

See you soon at the airport!