Hey all!

I’m Maryanne, Ms. G to all my kiddos, and I’m a High School teacher at Williamsburg Prep in Brooklyn.

Originally, I’m from Rochester, NY but came down to the city for college at NYU. That was my first true time being away from home for an extended period and opened so many doors for me. I LOVED my years at NYU and a huge part of that was my time abroad in Madrid, Spain. From that experience I met my best friend, traveled across Europe, learned Spanish (I’m ok), and I’ve never looked back. I’ve been living in NYC ever since and even convinced both my sisters to move down too; my next goal is to get my dad to join us. If I’m not hanging with my best friend, sisters, or my pup Harrison, I’m probably off traveling somewhere new, and I’m excited to add Ecuador to my “I made it” list!

The reason I’m a Global Glimpse Leader this year is totally because of my students. I teach a college prep class and a handful of the juniors who traveled to all different Global Glimpse locations last year were from my school. When they got back this year, excited to tell me about all they’d seen and done – even ready to write college essays about it – I knew this had to be a great program. So when one of the last leaders from my school asked if I would be willing to take over for her, I jumped at the chance.

Besides Spain and Argentina, most of my travel experiences haven’t included living like locals and I think that’s what I’m looking forward to most, living and learning alongside you all as we grow together. Being a global teacher and travel lover, I’m excited to visit somewhere new, learn about people who are different than me, and meet new students along the way.

AHHHHHH I can’t wait!!

Maryanne AKA Ms. G