Hello, Glimpsers!

My name is Tayson Bui, and I am so excited about getting to meet you and learn with you on this upcoming trip. This will be my 2nd trip with Global Glimpse (I went to Léon, Nicaragua last year, and what an experience!) and hope to bring even more energy and experience to make it awesome for everyone. No doubt, this trip will be work. But it’ll be work worth doing.

A little bit about myself: I am the Activities Director (“Leadership Teacher”) at Tennyson High School in Hayward. This year marks the start of my 7th year of teaching, and I love it (even if things get tough). I’m Bay Area born and raised (born in San Jose) and went to school at Cal Poly and UC Berkeley for my undergrad and grad, respectively. Before taking on Leadership, I taught a college and career readiness class for freshmen. When I’m not teaching, I enjoy traveling and exploring new places–whether they be cities or nature. My love for travel started during college with road trips. However, unlike you, I wouldn’t visit another country until after college. My first trip abroad was to teach in France… for 7 months! It was then I understood why so many people love traveling.

My own experience traveling is what inspired me to become a Global Glimpse Leader. I hope that you learn that traveling isn’t just about experiencing new food, language, and culture, (which you will!) but that traveling is an opportunity to learn about yourself. During our time together, I ask that you take time to reflect on the person you want to be, and how your experiences on the trip can help you get there.

Again, I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you and seeing how you’ll all grow. See you at SFO on Aug 1st! Keep an eye out for those Remind texts.

Tayson Bui