Hi everyone!

I’m Ms. Harris and I am thrilled to be co-leading our trip to Chitre, Panama with Ms. Carsky. I can’t wait to meet this diverse group!

My work thus far has been a mash-up of the two things I’m most passionate about: culture and women’s empowerment. I’m privileged to have worked with youth from around the world, including Sub-Saharan Africa, rural India, and on Rikers Island in NYC. I currently work at a startup called The Female Quotient where we help the world’s biggest brands “do” gender equality. I like to say I’m a professional feminist with the heart of an explorer.

My favorite ways to pass time in groups are puzzles, riddles, and thinking games. Please bring your best knock knock jokes! On my own, I really enjoy running, dancing, karaoke, and reading. Things I’ll miss most while traveling: friends, family, July 4th fireworks, my Nintendo Switch, and Netflix.

I look forward to learning, stretching, working, and growing together this summer. I’m sure it will be a deeply challenging and transformative experience for all.

Pilar Harris _ Global Glimpse