Hello, my name is Jonathan. I came from San Marin High in Novato, California. This city is about an hour away from San Francisco, for those who do not know. I am part of the STEM program there and I am really glad for this opportunity to be in Esteli with this amazing group. I did this trip partly because my sister did this trip and really liked it three years ago. But I mostly went because I wanted to learn how to be a better person by learning about global problems. I really enjoyed this experience and being El Lider Del Dia.

Today was Global Business day. We woke up at 7:00 and prepared our dirty laundry to get washed. Then at 8:00 we ate breakfast at Buffet Esteli, which was a quesadilla and some rice. Afterwords, we came back and had an energizer of the human knot. We split up into two groups and tried to get out of it twice. Shout out to my group for doing the first try in about 15 seconds!!!! But then we got stuck and had to quit during the second try :(.

After that, we had an academic seminar on the troubles of small businesses in Nicaragua. During this seminar, we read an article that basically showed four problems that businesses have in developing countries. What I learned from this talk was that we need to change ourselves and our small groups before we can change our government’s ideas.

Next we made final preparations for our CAP project. This was fun because a couple of us had to go shopping for supplies and we had to fit 6 people in two corollas. Afterwords we had lunch at the Buffet and then we prepared for our tutoring lessons and have free time until 2:30, which was our field trip to Casa Alegria, which is a small cigar factory. It was fun because they served coffee and we saw how they make cigars. Next we went to English Tutoring and afterwords dinner at the Buffet. That was basically our day today.

This was not an exciting day like yesterday or the day before, but it was still fun when we visited the factory. Everyone woke up after this and was ready for tutoring. I really liked being the leader and I am sad that we only have about a week before we leave.

Remember that you can post comments on this blog and that we read them out during every nightly meeting. This trip has been fun and I’ll really miss it.

The next leaders you will hear from are Gaelle and Tommy and they will talk all about our first day of our CAP project.

Good night everyone,

Jonathan Stickle