Hello Global Glimpse family and friends, This is leader of the day Santiago informing you about how much fun we are having in the DR.

This morning was a bit rough on the delegation because we had to wake up at 6am sharp. However the morning went by as usual such as the guys playing cards at one of the tables and the girls eventually joining after. At 7am we got on the bus and had breakfast there as we took a two hour bus ride to Los Cacaos. At Los Cacaos we visited a co-op organization called ASOCAES that helps coffee plant farmers make and sell coffee. We also learned about how global business effects local communities and about how a lot big companies don’t give producers enough profit. After visiting the co-op we got to see some of the crops that they were growing and about how as consumers the things we buy determines what practices business preform. At 2pm we drove to the school we do our English tutoring and after arriving at 4pm we spent the next two hours teaching English to our local students. One thing that surprised me the most was that everyone was happy about how much better class went today, we also got to celebrate one of the youth ambassador’s birthdays by surprising him with a cake. After our small celebration we got to take the bus home and eat our dinner.

I was proud of my group because even though everyone was really tired and some even falling asleep on the bus, we were all present and attentive when we visited ASOCAES. The speakers especially were inspiring because they built their organization and crops out of the devastating hurricane that hit their country years ago. Over all today was another successful trip and we got to learn a lot about a local business and how they are affected by global business.

As leader of the day, I found it really fun to be able to help and lead my peers. However, at times I became nervous and forgot to do certain things. The Day went well and I am glad that no one was left behind. And if anyone was wondering, everyone is getting along really well, all of the girls seem like they’re really close and all the guys have been hanging out and playing cards. One thing I learned about myself today is that is that I take what I am capable of for granted and I should not compare myself to others and I shouldn’t be concerned if I am not in the same place in my life as some of my peers and friends.

Thank you all for the comments and support on the blogs and everyone really appreciates it. It’s getting kind of late here so this is going be a good night from everyone at the delegation.

Buenas Noches,