Hello all

Today was Global Business Day. We started off the day talking about aid and development in the quinoa business. We took a tour of Coprabich, a quinoa production facility. We learned about fair trade practices, the creation and mission of the company, the workers, and the process and distribution of quinoa. After, we took a long hike up in the hills to visit the quinoa farm managed by Coprabich. Workers from the farm spoke Kichwa and they told us how the quinoa got from field to factory. After our time at the quinoa farm all the Glimpsers discovered and prepared for our Community Action Project (CAP). We all learned an important message about sustainability and how we can apply it to our CAP. We then prepared for our first English tutoring class that will take place tomorrow! Today was another exciting and productive day! The Glimpsers had a wonderful time trying Ecuadorian food, learning about the quinoa business and bonding together over fun games.

Liders del Dia,

Iris and Mabel