Hey, this is Lugene and Marisol. Today was working like a local and global business day. We got to experience the work life of Elilin Hernandez, an artist that makes cutarras . Cutarras are shoes that are worn by Latin Americans, and they are mostly made out of cow skin. Our group got to experience working like a local by actually getting the opportunity to make these cutarras although people struggled making them in the beginning, but with the help of Elilin we were able to all make one cutarra. Many people enjoyed the experience and loved the designs that they bought them for they’re family and friends. The cutarras included Elilin’s artistic designs and realistic butterfly paintings he also showed us how each season or holiday impacts the design of the cutarra for example during Christmas they are typically pained gold. Elilin was very inspiring because he is very proud of his culture and passionate about making cutarras. He has been making them since he was young and started a business to embrace his love for his culture.

Additionally, we went to the university to help out students in English. Our goal is to allow the students to get out of their comfort zones and speak English. We are so proud of the glimpsers for trying so hard to make amazing lesson plans for their students based on their needs. Glimpsers also go out of their way to get candy and invite them to some of our community helping activities. 

Being leader Del día was a great experience to take charge and allow the day to run smoothly. It helped us interact with everyone and make sure they were all doing okay it was truly an unforgettable experience.