Wow! What we had a fantastic day in Leon (and beyond) today! Our theme of the day was “Global Business” which started with a lovely breakfast of eggs, rice, and bananas. After our meal the students learned a little about global business during their academic seminar. Following the seminar, students were privileged to have TWO guest speakers come in and talk about a non-profit called “QuetzalTrekkers” (look it up on google, it’s a fascinating organization!) and then had to develop a plan for their very own non-profit organization in Nicaragua! It was a joy to hear students share their ideas with the whole group and receive feedback from the guest speakers! After this amazing morning, lunch was eaten and we made our way into the outskirts of Leon to a local shrimping factory. WOW! Who knew, how much work went into the shrimping business – LOTS! And how many baby shrimp can fit into a tub of water – MILLIONS!  The sun was shining during the tour of the shrimp factory and the students were emerged in the in’s & out’s of  Nicaragua’s shrimping business.  after the tour, we drove through the beautiful outskirts of Leon, and wrapped up our day with an English torturing  seminar – students were split into groups of 7 and given all the tools they need to plan English lessons for locals (which they will do most evenings). Tomorrow holds all sorts of new adventures for us – stay tuned to hear about it! Shrimp Boots!