Today we got to learn about global business.  We went over fair trade at the morning academic seminar and were able to apply some of the results of that discuss in meetings with local business owners.  Visiting a local fair trade, organic mango plantation just outside Granada was a highlight.  We learned about the process to switch to pesticide-free operation.  It was a cooperative that paid its workers a fair wage.  As a light rain came down, we were able to pick and eat ripe mango from the tree.  This co-op was back along the dirt roads and out driver, Evert was a pro at the wheel.

In the afternoon, we visited a local bakery that is family owned and operated.  It specializes in artisan breads and we luckily got some samples of cinnamon rolls, focaccia, carrot-raisin, and whole wheat.

Tomorrow we prepare for “Living on a Dollar a Day” so tonight’s entry will be short.  Until tomorrow…..