Today I, Davalanya Hernandez, was leader of the day. I was in charge of the headcounts, crossing the streets, and making sure everyone is okay and can move forth in the day. The most rewarding thing about my day was when Nikita fell and I carried her to the English tutoring building. Being leader of the day does not mean to be the boss. Being the leader is being the person that the entire group comes to for help.

T2015-07-10 10.14.34oday we had the theme of Global Business. In the prospects of global business, we evaluated whether or not large scale companies can help the environment or can potentially cause an up rise a smaller business. We had presentation from a Sesame Seeds Corporation called Del Campo and Quetzaltrekkers; an Eco-Tourism company. At the Sesame Seed Factory, the women clean the seeds and the men are used to carry the seeds around and into the machines to be sorted. Quetzaltrekkers is focused on taking tourists to hike the volcanoes and to show the non-natives what Nicaragua has to offer. The money collected from the customers goes into local developing projects to pay back communities.

English Tutoring today was the five day anniversary from the Monday. Everyone’s classes went well due to preparation and teamwork. We can only wish for more success in our final week

Brayan- Our Global Glimpse Leader being sassy.

2015-07-10 10.27.32

P.S. Sorry that the blog post was late, the internet cut out at 1.