Today was the longest, hardest, and most tiring day so far. I woke up the Glimpsers at 5 am, and I myself woke up at 4 am (yes mom, I got up that early). We ate a delicious breakfast and then we headed over to Finca Pamel, a family-run farm. Today’s theme was working like a local, and we got to experience a day in the life of a local Panamanian in Azuero. Finca Pamel’s new theme is agritourism, where agriculture meets tourism. In Panama, the economy is largely based on tourism and agriculture, so the owners of Finca Pamel decided to create a place that combined the two.

At the farm, we worked extremely hard!  We started off by learning about the history of the land the farm is now located on from Pablo and Melani, who are a part of the family who runs the farm. After this quick, yet insightful history lesson, we walked over to the cow, chicken, and bunny pens where a surprise was waiting for us. Pablo let us try milking the cow! It was an amazing, but surprisingly hard, thing to do. After this, we had another surprise waiting for us…cleaning up the animal poop in the stalls. After this, we helped to plant the corn seeds in the garden and then took a break after working in the heat. Soon after I was dressed up by Melani to show how a traditional Panamanian dancer would dress for performances. One dress with accessories can cost up to 50,000 US dollars!

The day was an amazing learning experience overall. We all got some insight into what it was like to work as the locals and how they earn their income. All of us glimpsers learned a lot about hard work, and to appreciate the lives that we have. Today was also the first day of English tutoring. It was rough at first, but we pushed through and made it work. I give a LOT of credit to teachers because it truly is a difficult job. No matter what struggles occurred, it was a memorable experience that I learned so much from and am honored to have been a part of.

Mom, Dad, Elena, and Bella,

Love and miss you guys so much! It is an amazing trip!

Don’t miss me too much.

See you soon






Sretan ti rodendan Ivo! I hope all went well on your special day! Call you soon! – Antea