Today Global Glimpsers learned about the positive and negative effects of large industries and small industries in the global economy. As a mental warm-up, we explored the effects of the Texaco  oil industry in Ecuador. We found both its positive and negative effects. From Texaco’s digging for oil in the Amazon rainforest, Glimpsers discovered that because of the digging for oil, it helped create more jobs and improved Ecuador’s economy. However, we also learned that because of Texaco’s cheap  and harmful way of digging for oil, it polluted most of Ecuador’s waters and sickened thousands of people.

Our field trip today was a visit to a Quinoa plant known as COPROBICH. There, one of the executives of the business gave a presentation on how COPROBICH started and how it is continuing to grow. After the presentation, we went to one of the many fields of Quinoa, where two indigenous women taught us how they grew the plants. I thought that it was amazing to learn that the indigenous farmers stuck to their traditions, and planted the seeds by hand. Once the tour of the field was finished, we went back to the COPROBICH headquarters and toured the factory to see how the quinoa was packaged. It was interesting to see how the quinoa seeds were cleaned, dried, then packaged. At the end of the field trip, a few of us bought quinoa. This was a special experience because we were able to gain knowledge of how some businesses are struggling to continue, when large corporations are taking over the global economy. Even though COPROBICH is continuing to grow in its sales of organic quinoa, it is still being slowed down by other major corporations who are not sticking to their traditions and cheating their way to be on the top of the global economy.

Later today, the Global Glimpsers of Riobamba, were able to experience the classroom, when they were assigned to teach the locals English. Some were put in the beginners section, some in the intermediate, and some in the advanced. Teaching was a way for us to show our professional side and impact others through knowledge. This was a very fun experience that will carry throughout the rest of the trip.


We also got to see the clear volcano, Chimborazo, from our bus, because of the clear, blue sky. Overall, the weather for today was perfect. Clear skies and picturesque scenery. It seems like the more days we are here in Riobamba, the bluer the sky gets.

photo 2 (8)

Lastly, we finished the day viewing a soccer game. It was Chile versus Mexico. The score remained tight throughout the game, which made it nerve-raking and exciting at the same time. In the end, the game ended in a tie. Which in a way is good, because no side lost.

All in all, today was a great day, because Global Glimpsers were able to learn the positives and the negatives in the global economy and experience teaching perspective in the classroom.

Shout Outs:

“Today was my first day of teaching English and it was so fun! Miss you mom and Takeo! And yes I did try guinea pig but don’t worry, I didn’t like it!” – Licette

“I taught my first English class today! It was hard explaining some things, but I still had a great time. I think the students did too! XOXO” – Erica

“I taught my first English class today. The students were mostly adults, but it was a lot of fun! We also visited a Quinoa farm today, and I’m bringing some home 🙂 ” – Sondhya

“Haye tadjatok hogy Chile fogia meghyemi a Copn Amenkat ? Most hezem a meecset .. eloben! Hihetlen Ecuador, majd knidok kepeket. Puszi Csongieknak” – Rebi

” I tried the guinea pigs, but I don’t like the taste very much. Shout out to the Farinas because I read your comment and it made me so happy! Same to my family! I love seeing all the comments <3. And to all of you: Ik mis je! Goede naunt! (I tried)” – Helena

“Shout out to the Willow Glen Global Glimpse team! Hope you’ll have fun on your trips!” – Jay

“Hey mom and dad. Don’t worry, I’ve been having so much fun and have made some really good friends. They’re so nice and funny! I have also been trying some really good food. I’ve been eating things I wouldn’t really be eating  back at home, like fish and a lot of vegetables! I’ll try to call you guys soon! I love and miss you guys!” – Leslie Vargas

“Hey mom, I’m glad to know she’s fine. I bought you something. I hope you like it. Miss you guys! I tried  cuy (Giunea pig)” – Arianna R.

“Hey Fam, I love you guys. Que viva Chile hoy estan viendo la copa America?!” – Jordan

“Once again thanks back at home! Also to my grandparents and family from San Salvador Atenco, Mexico!” – Chrisitian

“The Mexico versus Chile game today was amazing. So glad I got to watch most of it, and also see everyone else in the group take a massive interest into Soccer (including ARJ). I will be making calls tomorrow, and cant wait to talk to some of you guys! I may be late, but s/o to Troung for making mine and Arjun’s day!” – Emanuel

“To Arjun’s family and Alondra: Surprise – I’ll be able to call tomorrow between 1 and 2 pm (Ecuador time)! I’m really looking forward to speaking to you tomorrow I’m also leader of the day, which should be pretty interesting. We had our first English tutoring session today, and I really enjoyed being able to help people in such a practical way. I love you!” – Arjun

“Hi family and friends! I am having so much fun on the trip! Today we were able to give English lessons to some of the locals and I loved it! I can not wait to teach them more about English! Plus this Global Glimpse group is awesome! I feel like I am making so many new friends, which is exciting. I enjoyed be El Lider Del Dia today too. I was a really cool experience. I did try cuy (Guinnea Pig) but I did not like it at all. It made my eyes water, which was weird and kind of embarrassing. LOL. But at least I tried it. Haley I just read your post, and it was adorable. I miss you too! I miss all of you! I can’t wait to tell you all the things I have done!” – Abbie