Today the Global Glimpse group had a full day of new discoveries. The day started at 6:30 and ended at 11. Throughout the day, the students had a small session on fair and free trade. To begin, students were taken about half an hour away outside of Leon to a big shrimp factory, Farallones, which produces Mega Larva, Nicaragua’s biggest shrimp company. There students were exposed to the environment and were taught the process of how shrimp is manufactured. A lot of time and labor goes into growing and selling fresh farmed shrimp. After that informational field trip, students were taken back to the hostelĀ in Leon and were given a presentation on Quetzaltrekkers, a non profit organization that is meant to help the youth of Nicaragua. After listening and asking questions, students were given the task of coming up with their own idea of a non-profit organization. They were challenged to come up with a name, purpose, budget and goal all in under 15 minutes with their group and had to present their ideas in front of their peers, leaders, and the guest presenter.

On behalf of my fellow peers I believe we benefited a lot from this experience. I now understand the benefits of fair trade and how it can benefit small businesses in developing countries. I know the affect globalization has on trade and how in some opinions it can be good and bad for businesses in places such as Nicaragua. I now notice the influence big American companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Sprite have on different parts of the world. Walking just a few steps around Leon I am reminded of America because of the Cola signs in bar windows and common American beverages sold on the local stands. Because of my experience so far I have learned that no matter how different a culture may be it does also share common ground with other cultures such as my American culture because of a little thing called Globalization.

(actually on the beach)

Visit to the shrimp company. (actually on the beach).