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Hello friends and family, our names are Neda Abu-Gharbiyeh and Jon Nobrega, and we were the leaders for the day. Today was Global Business Day, so we visited Los Cacaos, a local coffee plantation. At the beginning of the day with our academic seminar, we learned about fair trade commerce and how it can help local citizens that are in close contact with global businesses in their community.

Then we drove on a windy rode for an hour an a half. Once we got to the plantation we got to meet director Rufino. He told us all about how there business first started in 197. Rufino also told us about how fair trade positively affects their business because they are guaranteed the same price for the coffee no matter what the price is on the international market. One problem that Rufino’s business has is that small beetles burrow into the coffee beans which ruin them and a virus infects the plants and kills the leaves.

After Rufino finished talking we split into two groups, the groups were lead by Neda and Jon. In Jon’s group we got to see the women who separate the bad seeds from the good seeds. Then a worker name Juan took us outside to see first hand how the beetles burrow into the coffee seeds. Juan was able to answer all of our questions and told us that there is practically nothing they can do to stop the beetles. In Neda’s group, with our hairnets and robes, we toured the roasting room and saw the process from green beans the packaged coffee itself. Our group actually had thechance to help package some coffee packets. After, we traveled to JJ’s nursery and had the opportunity to plant some seedlings ourselves. So by the end of the day, the long bus ride was worth it to see Rufino’s and JJ’s coffee productions.



Hey guys this is Jon and I wanted to tell you guys how I felt being the leader of the day and my experience at Los Cacaos. Today being leader of the day was very fun because we were the first dual leaders and I feel we shared the role’s really well and I would love to do it again. I also really enjoyed asked Juan a lot of questions because we got to learn a lot. Finally I would like to shout out my family and friends I miss you guys and I will be home soon. Go Warriors!!!

Hey this is Neda!! Being leader of the day was a really cool experience, and sharing the responsibility with someone else was fun too. I greatly appreciated this once and a lifetime opportunity! I just want to take this time to tell Tubby, Rena, and Mama that I love them and miss them very  very much. AND DON’T WORRY Linda I am safe and loving it here! Oh and Rena tell squad I miss them. LOVE YOU GUYS 🙂