Hey so this is Mickenzie and I was one of the student leaders for today. So I guess I will start off about when I signed up for this day specifically, to be honest I thought it was going to be a really boring day but in all reality it was one of the most eye opening days that we have had so far. So I will just break it down the things we did today for you guys. So we started off waking up at 7 am and then we ate a super good meal of toast and fruits native to Nicaragua. So with that amazing start we were pumped for the rest of the day, so then we had a seminar talking about why we focus on global business specifically.  In this activity we learned about fair trade within businesses and corporations which basically just pays everyone equally for the work they do, unlike in a lot of businesses where the workers (like farmers) get paid a lot less the money made off of each individual produced and sold item.  So yeah to make things better people can ask for fair share items for example, those who drink Starbucks can ask for fair share coffee and it actually is better for the people who worked to produce the bean and they will make you coffee from the beans that are from businesses that work under fair share, so yeah I would encourage you guys to look into it!

20150709_125813 (1)After that we went on a field trip to the salt factory!  It rained a lot but I’m one of those people who really liked it so I thought it was great while others didn’t like getting wet and dirty from the mud afterwards, also the rain kind of sucked because it was hard to see the salt in the ponds they were cultivating it from. But it was still an amazing experience to see, and while they could have just made machines to do all the work of picking up the salt and cleaning it they decided to leave most things manual so that it can provide jobs to the locals and I thought that it was very generous/thoughtful of them. And while I’m not much of a salt eater I tried raw salt they cultivated from ocean water and it might sound funny but the only way any of us could think to explain it was that it was extra salty compared to regular salt haha (and you can see a pic of some people in our group holding salt in their hands in front of one of the ponds with our tour guide in the middle and you can see what it looks like inside the factory while we were on our tour in one of the pics below as well) So yeah it was a great time and one of the pictures below is of me and the man who gave us a tour of the salt factory (girl and cowboy hat and man in white shirt)20150709_121141


Afterwards we ate a great lunch that was a buffet of Nicaraguan food. And after that it rained again, but the need to chill was just too strong and that is why some of us followed the example of Monica and rocked it with an umbrella in one of the hammocks we bought. Then we traveled back to the hostel and we made our own businesses and presented it to our leaders.  Later we prepped our English lessons and then we ate a great dinner of rice, beans, salad and a tortilla with fried cheese inside.  And our leaders were great today and working hard to make sure we have a safe, impactful and fun trip(there is a pic of our global glimpse leaders below working hard to plan our amazing days). Afterwards we taught our classes ( there is a pic below of some of us teaching) and then we  had a meeting and that brings me to now. 🙂 Altogether I think I can speak for everyone when I say today was a great day, we learned about the effects that global businesses can have on people and how we can help people based on our choices as consumers.