Hey Guys,

It’s Eliezer here, giving a little summary about our Global Business Day here in Riobamba, Ecuador. We had a late wake up  at  7:00 am today and had an amazing egg sandwhich at breakfast at 7:30. At around 8:00 a.m we began our day with a 15 minute energizer to get us all awake and ready for the day ahead. We had an academic seminar for 1 hour where we discussed the benefits and detriments of our global economy. We had a heated debate until it was time for us to take a trip to a quinoa processing plant.


On our bus ride to quinoa plant, we saw beautiful scenery, from cinder block built homes on the sides of hills to the first mall I had ever seen in Ecuador. Later on, we arrived at the plant and I was taken aback a little because the plant resembled a grain farm rather than a proccesing plant that we were accustomed to back in the States. When we went inside we were split into two groups to survey the plant. We learned so much about the plant such as that Quinoa was not actully a grain but rather a seed; we learned that quinoa is actully a super food because it is packed with protein and amino acids. When we walked up into the second floor I was thrown off by the smell. The smell reminded me of vinegar and stinky feet, but there were also two ladies working delicately on this metal canister. They were actually removing small rocks that had gotten passed the machine. A job that takes a keen eye and delicate fingers to complete. Moments later, I had taken my first bite out of a quinoa cookie. The taste was simply amazing. I couldn’t understand how a cookie could break down and absorb just enough moisture and yet leave a thick and satisfying layer of brown sugary taste on your tongue. Its taste not only shivered your tastebuds, but also had a calming effect until the cookie ended and you craved another.


After several moments of savoring quinoa cookie samples, we took some crumbs and continued the rest of the tour. We were then led to another operation room where the plant practiced proccesing tea. Ladies and gentlemen, the tea room was the first time a smell calmed down all of my senses. They had every kind of tea from mint to blueberry. I myself tried a mint leaf and I was not let down. We then made our way to the actual quinoa field where our tour guide explained the exportation of quinoa and how the plant was entirely owned and operated by the farmers and how the quinoa was expensive for European countries. When we reached the field, we saw the actual quinoa plant and the various colors the plant came in; we tried some raw quinoa and let’s just say most prefered the cookie.


After we all took the opportunity to buy quinoa products we all got on the bus to go get some soulful Ecuadorian food. When we arrived to this little resturant, we were blessed with some sauted pork with some flour corn and a salad, but lunch was made quick because we had to head back to our hostel to freshen up and work on our lesson plans for our English classes that would take place in the following hour. Today class was especially satisfying when the students wanted to continue the lesson even after dismissal. Finally, we headed back home to enjoy some lovely pasta and salad.

Goodnight from Ecuador.




Ty – I love you Mom, Dad, and Jade. I miss you guys!!!

Genisis – I love you Mom, Dad, and Fabricio. I miss you all!!!

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