Hola! My name is Kelly and I attend Summit Prep. I earned the “leader del dia” hat last night by teaching everyone an interactive girl scout song that is now very popular in our group.

This morning, most people started their day early by either going to the gym or going for a run. After breakfast, we headed to a green power plant called polaris where we learned about how water is used to create energy. Afterwards we headed back to the hostile for lunch then presented our final plans for our CAP project to the director of el Niños del fortine. Our final plans are to paint the kitchen and one class room inside, and to revamp the garden outside.

We all split into groups and shopped around or played basketball during our free time, when for the first time on our trip it started pouring rain. But of course that did not stop us from having fun! We rushed back to the hostile, grabbed their rain boots/jackets, and headed back out again to play in the rain!

Later on, we all had time to reflect on our trip when we wrote thank you letters to the donors of global glimpse that made this possible. I personally expressed my appreciation by explaining how this trip has helped me grow as a person and move closer towards to accomplishing my dreams.

We ended the night by leading english classes and having our nightly meeting.

Although it was challenging at times, I had a lot of fun being the leader of the day!

Buenos noches,

Kelly Escobedo

P.S. I miss and love you mom dad and I’ll see you soon! 🙂

P.S.S Matt says hi, Mrs. Bercow

P.S.S.S Mo ca$h says shout out to all the homies in the bx 😛DSC06121 DSC06204