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Hello I am Amaya!

Today we went to a farm and a cucumber factory. We saw pepper farm. We learned about what kind of pesticides they use and how the peppers are grown. Later in the day we went to the cucumber factory and saw how cucumbers are cleaned, waxed, and sorted. The cucumbers are sorted into three different piles. The first pile are the best grown cucumbers, the second are the better ones, and the third pile are just the good cucumbers. We learned how cucumbers are exported and how consumers in the United States affect the local market in Constanza, D.R.

After the cucumber factory, we went to meet the other delegation in the D.R. from Bonao. We played a couple of ice breaker games like the human knot, and we socialized with the other students. Our group got to know what life was like for the other delegation from the Global Glimpse program, and then had lunch with them. We also taught some kids from Constanza because we are teaching them English. Today was our first English Tutoring class. Some of us had a difficult time teaching but we stayed strong and got through the day.