Today, we went to a cigar factory to see the processes of making cigars. Before entering the factory, I was really excited because I had never seen the actual cigar manufacturing.  In an attempt to be cognizant of how to make the cigars by utilizing tobaccos, I listened attentively to the introductions of the interpreter. The things that surprised me the most were that there were many nations collaborating with each other in order to produce the cigars, that the process was actually complicated, and that I found out a cigar box made in Taiwan, the country where I am from. The workers were concerned about the surroundings of planting the tobaccos in miscellaneous aspects like climate, altitude, and humidity. The only thing that I did not like was that the odor of the tobaccos was really pungent so that I needed to leave the working house immediately. Despite of the tangy smell, I still had an unforgettable experiences to visit the factory.

The other meaningful thing that we did was to teach the inhabitants English. In addition to teaching them English, I could learn some Spanish as well. I was surprised at the fact that I used my third language, Spanish to teach them my second language, English. Until the days that I taught English, I ultimately had realized that It was worth learning English and Spanish and that all the exertions I had put were worthy. I really enjoyed working and interactive with my partners to conduct the lessons. I would will be always reminiscent of the precious memories of teaching them, after coming back to the U.S.

In conclusion, the accomplishment that I had materialized was that I never had the opportunity to learn how to be a good leader until today. Sometimes I had hard time speaking up in public because of my personality; therefore, I had tried really hard to be more determined and interactive when leading others. At the end of the meeting, I was glad to hear the compliments and the wishes from my group, which would definitely help me to be successful in leadership skill in the future.