Hey! Today our Leaders of the Day were Isabella Cristobal and Sydney Williams! Today we learned about Global Business here in Bonao, Dominican Republic!

We started the day off with breathing gym lead by Isabella at 7:45 am followed by breakfast, which consisted of pancakes and eggs prepared by our Hostel chef, Licelot! Then we continued our day by heading out to La Mina Cormidon, where we talked to an Industrial Engineer named Mariela.  Mariela spoke to us about the significance of the mine and the history behind it. This included the effects of globalization from many countries towards the mines and the materials they produced.  We then took a tour of the mine viewing where the mining takes place.

Next we took a wondrous tour around the Loma Miranda community followed by guest speakers, Benicio and Padre Rogelio. These two individuals represent the people of the community which nestles at the foot of the Loma Miranda mountain. Padre Rogelio gave an empowering speech to us and left us feeling inspired and motivated to protect the mountain of Loma Miranda and their river from the mining company Falcon Bridge. From the tour we were able to experience how life was in the community, and take a look at the view of the Miranda itself.

Once we got back home to the Fundacion, we changed in our business casual outfits to prep for our first English Tutoring session. We were really excited to teach our students and get to know them for the first time! This experience gave us an opportunity to connect with our students, creating a challenging but a fun two hours!

After having a tasty dinner of spaghetti, salad, and bread, we headed out into our self-reflection groups where we told stories about a significant object we brought with us.

Overall, Global Business Day was very insightful and really opened our minds to a broader perspective. We were able to reflect on the power that certain countries and people have and the impact of what they choose to do with it. We are all thinking of all of you back at home reading these blogs and following our journey! ¡Abrazos!

Big Love,

Sydney & Isabella

To Family & Sergio: Missing you every day over here! I love you and I´ll see you soon. Isabella

Can´t wait to see you soon, Mom! Sydney