Today was Global Business Day, which meant we were learning about the local businesses around Ecuador. We took a field trip to a quinoa factory in Cajabamba called COPROBICH. COPROBICH practices fair-trade and produces organic products, which is why they’ve become more popular locally and globally since their start in 2009.

Through our experience at the quinoa factory, we learned about the challenges that local businesses face. One challenge is exporting globally because the promotion they receive is mostly from locals. After our trip to COPROBICH, we returned to eat lunch.

After lunch we had a seminar in which we wrote appreciation letters to the donors that made this trip possible. We reflected back on our trip so far and wrote rough drafts of our letters so that the donors know that their support is appreciated.

It was our second day of teaching, and we were able to see growth throughout all of our classrooms. We all learned from each other certain tips and tricks to make things easier in the classroom.

After a long day of learning and teaching, we were able to unwind by having a Karaoke Night. Everyone was able to participate and confidence was filling the room. We also were able to order pizza, which gave everyone a taste of home. It was a very eventful day but it ended on a high note (literally). Even as our trip comes to an end, we still manage to have a good time. Everyone has been bonding well, but we all still miss our families and can’t wait to share all of our experiences with you in person! Thanks for reading, and sorry that this is so late! We hope you didn’t worry too much.

XOXO, Amaya and Mary


Students have had great times on our bus rides.

Students get another group shot outside the factory.

Students decided to have a race outside prior to the tour.

The landscape was beautiful to take in as we waited.

Students get ready to go into the factory.

Close-ups of the Quinoa

The group poses in front of the fields during the tour.

Hope leads the group out of the Quinoa field.