Hey GG Families,

Today we started off with a strong breakfast. Afterwards, we left straight from the restaurant and loaded on to the bus to a shoe factory. After the 40 minute long bus ride, we arrived at a local shoe factory, Calzado Arevalo. From there we learned all that goes into making handmade leather shoes. Including the amount of time and effort put into every shoe produced. Through this experience we were able to see the importance a small business has on a economy. For example, at the shoe factory we met one of the workers, Don Vicente. He’s known as a master of shoe molding and told us of his family he provides for with this job. Also, from the owner, Dora Avalos, we were told the level of care put into each and every shoe. This is the same for many other small businesses that emphasize quality over quantity. This is also the reason for the shoes being able to last about 5 years. From this field trip we experienced the affect a consumer has on their economy and how their money can fuel their community.

Second on today’s agenda was our Community Action Project (CAP) presentation to Love On. This was what we have all been waiting for. We were all dressed in our formal attire and presented the ideas we had for the Love On project. After we gave our presentations we had a conversation with the Love On members and came to a conclusion on the feasibility of our projects and their logistics. When we concluded our meeting, we sent one person from each group to acquire the materials we would need. Once this is done we will be ready to start our projects!

To complete the day we went to Isabel’s where she fed us pizza as a way of reminding us homesick people of home. We were all very grateful and are all ready to sleep after such a packed and busy day.

IMG_5371 IMG_5373