Hello All! Today was our third day in Costa Rica and today we focused on global businesses. On this fine Friday, August 4th, we (Kyle and Kaylee) were the first Líderes del Día (LDDs).

We started off this morning with a splendid taste of gallo pinto and sunny side-up eggs with a side of fresh tropical fruit. After our beautiful, delicious breakfast, we skedaddled on over to our morning meeting, where we presented the quote of the day, which follows, “No enterprise can exist for itself alone. It ministers to some great need, it performs some great service, not for itself, but for others…or failing therin, it ceases to be profitable and ceases to exist.” -Danny Moreno. Following our brief meeting, as leaders of the day, we decided that a short meditation session would raise the positive influence and energy of the group!

Through our focus of global business, we had two tours planned out today, one being the Beneficio coffee factory, and the other being La Florista cheese farm. We took a very long and tiring walk to get to the coffee factory and learned all about Costa Ricas coffee history. Our guide, Memo, took us through the process of harvesting, washing, selling, and buying their delicious caffeinated beverages. On the way back over yonder to the base camp, we were able to stop by a local mini market where we got the chance to purchase the snacks that we had been dreaming of the nights prior.

Our second tour of the day consisted of a bus ride through the deep mountains as well as a ton of learning about how the Turrialba Artisan Cheese of Costa Rica is made. We were able to experience such a wonderful process going from learning about the nutrients the cows need, milking a cow, adding rennet, and watching the milk solidify. Our guide Carla developed and invented a competition to make things more interesting which really encouraged more participation between team Cheezy (Kyle’s team) verse team Simba (Kaylee’s team). At the very end, in a hard-fought and desired battle, team Cheezy ended up victorious!!

Finishing off our day, we held our nightly meeting, where we recapped the day as well as reviewed and analyzed our quote and question of the day. We (Kyle and Kaylee) really enjoyed being able to connect with our fellow peers as leaders of the day. We would then pass off the Líderes del Día to Tammy and Mercedes!

Much love from Costa Rica,

Kyle and Kaylee 🙂