Hello! My name is Tyrone Perez , and I am a Senior attending Oakland Tech and also a student at College Track. I was the Leader of the Day for today. ┬áToday our main focus was Global Business, so we visited a Ranch and explored two vital parts of a lot of Nicaraguan lives which would be the selling of milk and making of tortillas. I started off the day by waking up a group of people to go run this morning. Later when it was time for breakfast, we had eggs, white beans, and “Tamales” however they were a plain version with nothing inside them. Immediately after breakfast we had a seminar on Global Business, Shortly after the seminar we headed to Rancho Los Alpes to begin our day. We first met with the General Manager of the Ranch, Axel who showed us and introductory video on the Ranch and the services they offer. After that we were lead by one of the staff Mario, to the home where we would make tortillas and milk the cow. We split into two groups and one group made the tortillas, and the other group milked the cow. We had a little competition in regards to who would get the most milk, my group lost but both groups enjoyed both activities. After we returned from the Ranch we had lunch, and got ready to go La Emaculada; a private school in Leon. When we arrived at the school, we were introduced to the Vice Principal of the school. She brought us into the church on the campus, and spoke to us about the school until the female students arrived. We spoke about our dreams and aspirations, and the girls did the same. When the male students arrived, we mixed up and began to have a conversation with the students. After the conversations we went up to the bell tower, and took pictures seeing how students are rarely allowed up there. When we came back down, we went outside and played soccer and basketball with some students. Some of us just spoke to the students, while the rest of us played sports with the students. After the school we planned for our English Classes and had dinner. After dinner we had our English Tutoring classes, which all went well. When we returned we had our Nightly Meeting and had to be in our rooms early, because we have a early day tomorrow. Overall I think today we had a day that was fun, but at the same we got to learn a lot about the culture here in Nicaragua. This is it from me, expect our next blog!