On global business day what we began with was a quick breakfast. We had an academic seminar on global business where we read some articles about Nicaragua. Then we took a field trip to Selva Negra, which is a coffee farm. It was very beautiful and calm. We had a speaker who told us about the background of Selva Negra. She told us about the interesting insects people would find when they would go hiking. After she spoke to us, we then all went hiking and got to see coffee plants. We got to have lunch there, and it was delicious. We got to have free time after lunch, which meant we got to explore the farm ourselves. I had a real good time at the coffee farm because it was so beautiful, I got to buy coffee for my family and got to try their cheesecake. We left the place around 3:30. Around 6:30 was when we all got pumped up and were getting ready to go out to the Disco. They gave us from 6:30 to 9:00 to get ready because they knew us girls take a long time. When we finally got to the Disco it was like crickets, nobody was there yet. I felt like everybody had fun and dance all night. I had a great time at the Disco even though I was really tired. Overall Global Business was a really fun day for me.