This is Jorge and Aldo  using a parasol to protect themselves from the sun.


Our group picture at the salt factory with Don Orlando the Administrator of the salt factory.

Hello to all families, today we woke up at 7:00am. We got two extra hours asleep since we had been waking up at 5am for the past three  days. We went to breakfast and got some yogurt which only half of the students liked because it wasn’t sweet enough  for a lot of them. After breakfast, we headed back to the hostel where we had an energizer to wake everybody up. We had an academic seminar where we learned and got informed about businesses specifically the coffee industry (Starbucks). After our seminar we got ready for our fieldtrip to a salt factory. We got a tour  of the salt factory  and got all our questions  answered. We got to see a beautiful landscape where the salt becomes crystalized but it changes the color of the water depending on the density of the salt that is crystalized. At 1:00pm we got back on the bus and went to get lunch. We came back to the hostel afterwards and did another energizer. Then we got into groups and planned/created our own business which we presented to the group and determined whether the business would work and be beneficial or if it would fail and have negative aspects. We then prepared for our  English classes . We went to dinner, we ate chicken, bread, and cucumber salad. Then we went and gave our classes, got back and I  passed the torch of being leader of the day to Crystal. Today I had a great time being leader because I was able to guide everyone into a safe environment and I kept everyone hydrated.