Hey Everyone! This is Arzoo and Aditi and today was Global Business Day. Our day started off really early with a wake-up call at 6 am. Unfortunately two students were not feeling well so Elly had to stay behind during breakfast. For breakfast we joined all the tables together and made two long tables so everyone could mingle. Today was Daniel and Elly’s day off so we got to spend the day with Nancy and Noel. After breakfast we had an academic seminar ran by another Global Glimpse employee Yader, who lives in Leon. His happy and joyful personality rubbed off on everyone as we learned about fair trade.

Then we left for our field trip to SALINSA, a salt and shrimp factory which was about an hour away from the hostel. The bus ride was very fun with everyone singing and dancing. At SALINSA we talked to the manager who gave us a tour of the place. After seeing how tired most of us were, Nancy and Noel decided to have a quick change of plans. Instead of going to the market, we got some free time to catch up on sleep and make phone calls home.

Just as we were about to head out to the plaza for a festival, rain struck. We were able to witness our first thunderstorm here in Nicaragua. After waiting 30 minutes, the rain finally stopped and we headed to the plaza. Some groups got smoothies while others shopped for souvenirs. We continued to dinner and then English tutoring.

We are bonding with our English group a lot and it’s becoming very fun to see our students so engaged and ready to learn. At the end of every class, we play a games with our students. Everyone is finally getting the hang of teaching! After our two hour long tutoring session, we walked back to hostel and got ready for the nightly meeting. We continued by doing some team building activities which included the Human Knot, Step Forward, and group discussion questions.

Overall it was a relaxing but long day. We are very excited to go to bed and catch up on some much needed sleep. All the Glimpsers are having lots of fun and are missing their families too. We appreciate all the comments!


Arzoo, Aditi and the rest of the Glimpsers <3

*****Note from leaders Daniel and Elly: We’re having trouble uploading pictures again, but will try tomorrow!*****