Hello lovely people my name is Zahra and today I was Lider Del Dia.  We started of bright and early at 630 am, well some of us.  Two of my roommates, Ping Ya and Maddie fell back asleep until 7.  Today was global business day, and we went on a trip to a small business called Jambi Kiwa, specializing in natural herbs and teas.  I was jurprised with the process of how long it takes to grow the plants and how to make them into our favorite teas.  The plants are picked, washed, dehydrated.  It sounds pretty straight forward but it is actually a pretty long process


After our visit at the farm and business, the group split up and most went back to the hostel for free time.  Sara, Marcos, Diego, Meghan, and I went shopping for our CAP project.  After getting lost numerous times, we finally bought the necesities to begin our project tomorrow.  I think we walked 3000 miles. We returned directly to the school, because English tutoring class had begun at 4 for the rest of the folks. We arrived at 5pm and jumped right in.  We finished our class with a game of tag and the kids had fun chasing us.

At the nightly meeting, during the bring it home discussion, we were surprised about how fair trade can not only be benificial for the small businesses, but also consumers.  Even further our interesting conversation taught us that trade can positively and negatively affect the world.  And how our consumer choices can support ethical busiinesses.  In fact, some of us made commitments to continue when we get home such as boycotting Nestle, buying from local farmers at farmers markets, and teaching others about fair trade to try to influence family and friends to shop ethically.

Thank you for following us on our crazy adventure!  And we all love and miss you.