Hola Familia! This will be a combined blog post (the computer was not available yesterday).

Yesterday was Global Business Day and we got the opportunity to explore a community named Salinas. First, we went to a cheese factory, where we were able to see how cheese was made and we saw the different types of cheeses the factory sold. Then, we went on a tour of the local salt mine and chocolate factory. We saw how the chocolate was made and we learned about the different duties the workers had there. Some workers simply had to test the chocolate!

After that, we had lunch at a pizza restaurant. The pizzas were made from local ingredients grown in the community – It was delicious! The last stop was at the souvenir shop and we got the opportunity to purchase souvenirs made by the crafters of Salinas.

Later in the day, we had our first English tutoring session at Verbo Divino. The English tutoring session was extremely fun. The students were really nice and willing to learn. Even though we were extremely nervous in the beginning, we all had a great time tutoring the students.

Today was our second Fun Day.

We started off our day with brainstorming materials for our CAP project. After that we went out for free time. We all split into groups and visited a variety of places such as internet cafes, souvenir shops, and the church. We all met up at La Tortilla for a tasty lunch. Afterwards, we went out in groups to buy our CAP materials that we’d assigned earlier in the day. We were lucky enough to buy everything we needed and still have some left over to donate to the school after! Later, we had our second tutoring session which went great!

A big part of today was learning to plan ahead. Even though our first official day to work on our CAP project is tomorrow, we were able to come together as a group and work ahead of time to get our materials and therefore have a full day tomorrow to work on our mural. Another thing we learned and put in practice today was to not leave anyone behind. Since we have to go out in groups, we were all sure to be inclusive of those who didn’t have a group and invite them to our own.

Today was a fun day. We learned a lot about our group as well as about ourselves and our leadership skills.

Also, a special shout out to Tenzin’s dog, Sindu! Happy Birthday, I love and miss you!


Alicia, Eunice, Tenzin, and Ishaana