11224582_502317689925142_2430091946265161218_nToday was, well, muddy. Literally. Muddy. As “leader of the day,” I was able to get a glimpse of what the program coordinators had to do for the last few days. We started off our day with a healthy breakfast and a lesson about fair trade and businesses in Nicaragua. Then, we went on a very bumpy ride to our first tour, which was at a family owned farm in the rural area of Jinotega. This farm was surrounded by a thick swirl of fog and trees. The family who owned the farm was led by the firm hand of the family matriarch. We toured the fields of parsley, potatoes, and green beans and learned how they sold their produce to large companies and grocery stores.

We then rode to a  food packaging warehouse.  The vegetables were scrubbed and washed, hand picked and sorted, and then packaged to be sent to large supermarkets and stores.

After a quick lunch at our local and everyday buffet, we went to our final business, SOAPEXCCA, a coffee shop. We learned about their coffee and chocolate making process and were able to make chocolate and try coffee. Some of us Glimpsers bought treats for family and friends back home.

Finally, after dinner, we discussed the value and importance of our very important CAP, our ‘Community Action Project’. As a group, we will be helping a senior citizen home. Before we do, we will learn about the problems they face and create solutions that will last even after we leave for home.

We wrapped up with a nightly meeting. Although today was very tiring, I am proud of my fellow Glimpsers for being enthusiastic and supporting me as LDD. We met very inspirational business owners and workers who spilled their heart into their work.

Thank you for a great day! I can’t wait to start on our CAP in the next few days!