Today was very long and filled with many interesting moments. Being Lider del Dia on such a very busy and impactful day, was a very raw experience I may not ever feel again. Today we learned how communities are affected by the Production Process of Sugar. Today our tour at Consorcio Azucarero Central Barahona was not what we expected. Our Tour Guide, Pablo Garcia, was not who we thought he was, he only told half the story and left out the perspective that would trash his companies name. But the tour was generally okay since he still told us facts that we did not know, such as Sugar takes half a year to prepare (July to November) and the rest of the year to harvest. We also got to go to the Factory where Raw Sugar was packaged, and he told us that making white sugar needs the raw sugar to be drier and chemicals to be added.


After the tour, we went on a bus ride to our next stop at a community called, Plataforma Vida, where we ate lunch and played activities with families residing there. After Lunch, we split into groups and had conversations where we were able to learn the second perspective that would complete the truth that we wanted to hear after our not-so-well tour. After the groups were done talking, we split into two groups and had a little tour in the community where we got to see their sugar cane farm, houses, games they play, and the little river they bathe/wash their clothes in. With the tour ending, SJ2B was really glad that they got to hear both sides and perspective of this very controversial situations.

We then hopped on our bus to head back to our Accommodation to have our dinner and nightly meeting where I then passed on the torch to my Boy and roommate Jose. After Our Nightly Meeting, we hung out around in the lobby and played an interesting game where had to write sentences and drawings 🙂

We then hit Bedtime and everyone showered and went to sleep, preparing for the big day we have tomorrow. Lastly, Thanks to our GG Leaders and Program Coordinators and Goodnight.