Hola los familias!

We welcomed a day of hard work and sweat here in Jarabacoa. As locals, we started with an early morning journey to Flores de Jarabacoa alongside Trudeau exportation company.

During the tasks, we enriched ourselves in what it really means to be a Dominican (and Haitian) employee. We planted, harvested, and packaged with one question in mind: “How can we practically balance economic development with the protection of our environment and human rights?”

It was truly inspirational to see what goes into our daily consumption as Americans.

And that wasn’t all! We came back home to freshen-up for our beloved English students. Today marked the second of five classes we will engage in. So you all can only imagine how comfortable we are now. Our students have expressed their want for “well-off jobs” and to travel to the States. Being able to play a role in making that happen for them gives us an extraordinary amount of pride. It’s sad that we won’t be able to continue with them longer, but we know they’ll be fine.

Just like you at home, we miss you very much, but this experience was much needed and will ultimately make us better people.

See you in nine days!


Shaniya W. and Jason A.